China Black Oxide Shaft Collar with Set Screw bearing shaft collar

Item Description

Established screw Shaft Collar, CZPT Shaft Collar, Nylon Shaft Collar, Aluminiu Shaft Collar, One Break up Shaft Collar, Double Break up Shaft Collar, Shaft Coupling, Shaft Mounting Collar 
 Shaft collars are the most successful when utilised on a shaft made of a content which is softer than the set screw.

Collar Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, and many others

Collar Finish: Zinc, Nickel, Black, Plain, etcCollar

Inner Diameter: CustomCollar

Outer Diameter: CustomCollar

Width: CustomScrew

Size: CustomScrew

Material: SteelScrew

Measurement: CustomScrew

Sort: Socket Set Screw

Variety: Solid Clamping Collar


Application: Machinery Accessory
Standard: GB
Surface Treatment: Anodizing
Production Type: Mass Production
Machining Method: CNC Machining
Material: Nylon, Steel, Alloy, Aluminum


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